Friday, April 4, 2008

The Past Three Months in New Zealand

So my apologies for being very slack the past couple of months with keeping my blog up to date. Mostly I have just being working at The Warehouse and saving my money for the traveling I'm currently in the middle of doing. Some of the stuff I have accomplished over the last little bit include driving a standard vehicle, learning to cook proper meals, and running (a lot).

I have enjoyed my time in Auckland working and learning more about there culture but I really wasn't amazed by the country until I traveled the south island which I completed yesterday. I have heard many people say that they weren't so sure about NZ and if they were really going to stay but once they went out and traveled the country they fell in love with it and I completely understand them now. I don't really know what it is about NZ but I do know that this country is beautiful and I have feel in love with it.

I mentioned that I have just finished the south island, I went to Nelson, Westport, Greymouth, Wanaka, Queenstown, Milford Sounds, Christchurch, and back to Nelson with a few stop along the way. My trip was jammed pack with exciting and scary activities. Some include bungy jumping, ski diving, jet boating, glacier hiking and many more. There was always something to do in the south island which was great but was touch on the pocket book but came out to with what I expected. Every town or city we stopped into had some kind of difference to it and the west coast of the south island has to be one of the most gorgeous place I have ever since in my entire life. Even though I got to see so much and do a lot of stuff I still missed out on a lot. There are a few great hikes in the south, I didn't visit a winery, I didn't do any water rafting which I hope to do in the north island and many other activities I had miss out of due to time restrictions.

Tomorrow I had into Auckland city and catch the bus for the northern round about which should take me approximately 10 days. Right now I'm tired but I know that I'm super excited I just hope I get a really good bus team like I did for the south island cause that really makes a lo of difference.

Unfortunately, that is all I'm going to be able to write right now since I'm starting to fall asleep but I will be right more once I get back into Auckland and when I have more time. I do want to elaborate more on my trips and tell everything but right now sleep. If you guys have any questions then send me a comments and I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Cheers and Have a great night!!!!!!!

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