Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Korea and After

Two weeks ago I went to Seoul South Korea to visit a friend and see a new country. My trip was great and I had so much fun. Thanks goes out to Richard for showing me around all weekend and bringing me to the best spots in Seoul, I had a great time. Saw some palaces and some other tourist areas which were beautiful and clean compared to the Philippines which was a huge culture shock. I had forgotten what a developed country was like compared to a development country. The streets were cleaner, the infrastructure was great, and the washrooms even had toilet paper except maybe in one spot but here in the Philippines your lucky if the toilet even has a seat. Anyways it was just a big surprise to me to notice the difference between the countries because I really didn't get that shock when I went from Canada to the Philippines. Also, while I was there I got to eat and drink many different things for example at one restaurant we got to take shots out of a green apple that was hollow. So you get a bowl filled with some booze and then you fill your apple with the booze and then you shot it. Another thing was the amount of side of food they bring with your food. If you order one dish you get like 5 or 6 small side dishes and even more in other places. Overall I really liked Seoul, it was a really nice city.

Since, my trip to Korea I've been catching up on sleep and work. Over the weekend I spent Saturday in the salon getting my hair professionally straighten which I love ... I wake up in the morning take 10 min to dry it and then its straight no more straighteners haha. Then Sunday I got to get some rest and watched a few movie. Pretty boring but after not being home the last four weekends it was great to get some rest.

This weekend coming up I'm staying in Manila again. I have signed up to volunteer with Hands on Manila which is an organization that sets activities to help the community. I will be bring breakfast for some children that live on the street on sat. morning and it should be a new experience. Sat. afternoon I think I might be helping AIESEC UP do interviews for their recruitment but that is still up in the air.

Other than that not much new, my next big trip will be to NZ in Dec. my flight is booked and I'm so pumped to go. I'll be there for over two weeks and it will be really nice to have a really vacation but I will tell you more about that as it gets closer.

Well that's all for now ... everyone take care and please drop me a line if you guys have a the chance would love to know whats going on at home.

Amy from the Philippines