Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Party Weekend June 15-17, 2007

I have to write something about this past weekend cause it was just crazy. Friday night we ended up getting free tickets to this Marlboro party which was awesome. Seven of us went around 10pm and walked down the red carpet, got our picture taken on the way in, and then was handed a free drink when we got in. We got free drinks all night and free cigarettes (to bad I don't smoke). It was great though cause free drinks all night long and it was really fancy.

Saturday was even better my birthday was on the 9th but I was out of town and usually people have birthday party around their birthday and invite the office and other friends so since I missed mine and one of the other interns has his birthday on the 25th we decided to have a huge party together so we rented out part of a bar and got drinks and food for everyone for about $50 CAD each but it was a blast we probably had about 30 people attend and everyone really had a good time. I have to say that the music wasn't that great but after a few drinks people didn't care.

Then on Sunday we bought tickets for 500 pesos ($12 CAD) to go on a yatch from 4pm till 10 pm with free food and drinks. Fifty people were on the yatch from all over the world: Germany, France, Philippines, Poland, America, and of course Canada. The sunset was great you would think in the middle of the city with so much pollution that a sunset couldn't be that beautiful but apparently the pollution makes it even better. Pictures will be posted on Facebook later this week.

That's all for now thought I would give you all a little taste of my weekend!!!!! Cheers

Friday, June 15, 2007

La Union and Others

Its been a few weeks since my last posting and a lot has happened, from seeing friends from Hali to celebrating my birthday. Where do I start well with my visit with Woon and Richard which was so nice to see some friends from home. You don't really realize how much you miss home until you are half way around the world and the littlest things from home are the best such as friends hehe. Yep, they arrived on Saturday and stayed till Tuesday and during that time we did some tourist stuff like rizal park and rode on a jeepney. We also enjoy the wonderful night life that Manila has to offer and cheers goes out to woon for trying the local beer (red horse) which doesn't even have the percentage on the bottle. It was really a sight to see and I must thank both Woon and Richard for coming and making my weekend a great one :) As much as they appreciate me for letting them stay with me, I really enjoyed sharing my life here with them and seeing both of them.

The weekend after that, the one that just past, was my birthday weekend and thanks goes out to everyone that left a birthday wish on facebook. Thanks for that, it means a lot being so far away. So for the weekend we went to La Union which is one of the provinces on the Philippines. Seven of us went up and had a great time. We left Friday night around 1am and got to La Union around 6 am which gave us plenty of time to get a hotel and figure things out before we hit the waves. Now most of you have probably have seen my photo on msn and facebook, the one of me surfing, which looks awesome well I really spent most of the time in the water. Surfing is hard so hard but fun at the same time. We also did a lot of drinking over the weekend which was awesome when you are next to the beach and can go for a midnight swim. We also played some volleyball and I got a nice tan. It was a great weekend except when we got home I got sick and have been sick for the past five days. Yesterday I finally went to the doctor and I have bugs in my stomach which was caused probably from the seawater or from some kind of food but I have finally started to get better now that I have drugs into me but thats part of going to a foreign country and it could have been a lot worse.

So its Friday night here and I'm heading home soon but not going out tonight still not feeling the best plus tomorrow night a friend and me are having a birthday celebration for the two of us because I wasn't in the city for mine and his is on the 25th so we thought we would have a party together which is great cause I get to celebrate my birthday twice like a week apart.

Well that is all for now from the Philippines. Hope all is well in Canada and you are all more than welcome to come visit.

Take Care