Monday, April 21, 2008

The Past Year and Taiwan

Well what can I say, its time for me to return to Canada after a year of traveling the world. It seems so unreal like I'm in a dream or something. I always knew that I would be going back but it just seems like yesterday I was boarding the plan in Halifax to start an entirely new life in the Philippines. I have mixed feelings right now about returning, I'm happy to be going back to see family and friends but sad because I have grown to love meeting new people, experiencing new thing and having a life not knowing what the next day will bring. Now it seems like I'm being hit with all these life choices I have to decide on like do I go back to school or do I get a job in Canada and work for a few years or do I say fuck it and save some money and take off traveling again. It's like I'm torn between my heart and my mind. My heart tells me to go experience the world and travel as much as you can and then my mind say be responsible some people your age already have a house and family. I know its something that I'll have to decide and soon but for now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my time left I have aboard.

I am currently in Taiwan but I'm leaving for NYC tomorrow where I'll be meeting up with my parents and brother for the first time in a year and I think its been a year and a half since I've seen my brother. I'm pretty excited about it but also really scared ... mixed emotions again. I have enjoyed my freedom and life aboard and know going back to my old home will not be the same and now that I think about it I might have some problems readjusting. We will see how the re-integration process goes when I start to get back into the swing of things in Canada.

The past five to six weeks have been complete chaos and fun. I have traveled most of NZ (the major parts) but I still have so much to see. For those who have seen my pictures on Facebook you will know that I had the time of my life and I was really sad to have to leave. People always say that they know or have heard of someone that went to NZ for a short period of time and then end up staying the rest of their life ... well I think I could have been one of those people if things would have worked out better. I fell in love with New Zealand and I hope someday I have the chance to go back and live there again. There is so much to do sky diving, bungy jumping, water rafting, jet boating, sledging, etc. You name and you can do it in NZ and that only half of it. What I liked most about NZ is there lifestyle and how they really have a balanced life. I was only there for four months I know but they have an entirely different outlook on life and there balance between work and life is amazing ... a real precise thing to have in life.

After I left NZ I spent six hours in the Singapore airport reading and drinking coffee which wasn't that great. Than I made a short trip to Manila and was able to catch up with some friends from before and had a great night catching up ... now that I look back it would have been nicer to stay a few more days I really missed my friends there. I made my way to Taiwan and spent the first night in Taipei at a nice little hostel and got caught up on some necessary sleep. Then I got up early and made my way to Fulong beach which is about one and half hours outside Taipei. I most say that this place is beautiful but it must be so gorgeous in the summer. I had the unfortunate pleasure of having four straight days of rain why I was in Taiwan and I'm guess tomorrow will be the same. Even though it rained I did make it out for a hike, enjoyed some local food and had time to read almost two books which is pretty awesome since it usually takes me a year to finish one. I'm glad I have had this time to myself in Taiwan to relax, reflect and prepare myself for my return to Canada because I have a feeling that its not going to be easy.

I guess thats pretty much it for now. I'll write more when I make it back to Canada and give you all an update on whats going on and how I'm fitting back into my old life.

Cheers from Taiwan


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