Monday, October 27, 2008

Dublin, Ireland and the Adventures Continue ...

Wow ... it has been about five months since I last wrote on my blog. How fast time goes. Where do I start? Well for the quick version ... I spent the summer on PEI, Canada working and enjoying the Island summer and then decided it was time to get back on the road and took off around mid-September to Dublin, Ireland and now here I am.

Once I arrived home after a year aboard I really had to think about what I was going to do next. I applied for some jobs on the East Coast of Canada but did get any offers or I should say nothing presented itself. I considered staying at home longer than the summer and studying for my GMATs again and taking a few courses to boost my GPA but it really didn't seem like the time for that either. So around the middle of June I knew I was going to have to make a decision and start on the process of whatever I was going to do and I enjoyed traveling soooo much that I thought I might as well give it a try again and Europe was definitely my next choice. People always ask why Ireland well its like this. My first decision was Europe and then I thought well I want to get a job in Business so I can use my degree and it is definitely going to be easier to get a job in an English speaking country and after a few discussions with friends it was decided that I would move to Dublin in September.

Then the process began, ticket had to be booked, visa had to be applied and approved, insurance had to be bought and the basic things that need to be taken care of before immigrating to another country. By the end of August everything was pretty much in place and my flight was on Sept. 15th. I was coming over to Dublin without a job and without a place to stay so I was pretty nervous when I left Canada. I had moved to different countries before but I always had a safety net ... this time I was really putting myself out there.

After I arriving I pretty much went into full gear ... I spent the first couple of days looking for a place to live. Since I was staying in a Hostel which was expensive and wasn't the best place to prepare for interviews I thought it would be best to get a place right off the bat. I really really lucked out. I set up six viewing but only had to see four of the places. Two of them were awful and the other two were great and luckily I was able to secure one of the rooms and I moved in on Saturday after arriving on Tuesday. Also, during this time of looking for a place ... I was able to get my tax number, meet some friends, and enjoy some of the city. Then the real hunt start ... the job ... I set up a bunch of interviews with job agencies and was able to get registered with six different ones and four of them are decent. I was able to land my first temp. job by the following Wednesday. It was a two week position but I didn't really mind cause I was working and it would bring some money in. After landing a job I really started to settle into my new environment and was able to relax a little even though I still had plenty to do such as set up a bank account, figure out my tax Certificate, etc. but that all didn't really matter since I was now working.

Now I have been here ... well it will be seven weeks on Tuesday. Things are going well. My house/apartment is great ... I have great flatmate's and it is in a great location even though I have to spend 1.5 hours getting to and from work everyday but I'm close to all the action and the bars of course. I did land another job after my two week position and I'm starting my third week tomorrow. The people are nice which helps a lot and I really don't mind the traveling to and from work ... well not yet anyway. Not really sure how long this position will last for but hopefully for a while since right now the market is not that great for temps. and you definitely have to be on top of things in order to get a job. To be honest it wasn't the best time to move to a new country and try to find a temporary position when the economy is having a tough time but I'm managing and as long as I can hang onto a job I'll be happy.

Haven't been able to travel much yet ... I got a bank account set up however here it takes forever to get your card and once you get your card you have to registered it and then you have to send another piece of paper in and then you have to wait to a pin and then you have to wait for another pin and about three to four weeks later you can access your money in your account. Therefore, I have been living off small amounts since I am unable to get money out which has prevented me from traveling. However, I was able to get away this weekend to Cork and I got to see some of the country side. Ireland is definitely as beautiful as people say. It is fresh and clean and green. I really enjoyed getting out of the city. I really enjoyed how there was a castle in every town that we went through ... and pretty much a church in everyone too. I have to say though that the Irish are some of the nicest people I have met ... they are really really friendly but in the nice polite/kind way.

That is all I can think about for now ... time to hit the bed. I've been trying to load pictures to Facebook however my internet is not the best and I always end up with an error but hopefully I'll get it figured out soon and get some new ones posted. Until my next post ... Take Care!